Aliso Viejo Real Estate Question – We’re within walking distance?

by keithwatts on February 4, 2015

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Walk ScoreAliso Viejo School

It’s fantastic that almost every house is walking distance to a school.   I have three daughters and before they walked themselves I escorted them to school every morning.  Each and every day we walked by parents coming out of their homes to load their children up in the car.  I can’t remember one instance when any of these cars beat us to school.  Believe it or not, the school line creeping up to the elementary moves much slower than the walking pace of a parent and a girl in kindergarten.

Aliso Viejo Town Centers

I guess we should credit the city planners.  Our town center is actually in the center of town.  Places like the Ice Palace, The Rennisance, and Big O’Tire,  are all still inside the realm of possibilities.  I know that as Californians we hate to escape our car but the weather is amazing, and the senery is great.  On many occasions I’ve left my car at home when going to Town Center, especially if I know I’m going to have an adult beverage.


Aliso Viejo Real Estate Walk Score

A new service has been added to MLS searching and to the Inter Data Exchange.  This rating is called a Walk Score.  The higher the rating the easier it is go get to amenities and schools.  If you are someone who likes walking or values a home in the mix please don’t forget to check the walk scores within each individual neighborhood you’re investigating.

Aliso Viejo Real Estate has grown on me.  I never realized how convienent our City was until I started comparing it to other places.  To learn more about Aliso Viejo Real Estate please read below or fill out our form.  Thanks

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