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by keithwatts on June 15, 2011

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In the seventies there was a terrible horror movie called “The Swarm” with Michael Cain.  If you haven’t seen it you’ve got to look it up.  Henry Fonda had a bit role and the entire premise was a swarm of Bees terrorizing the land.  I saw it when I was five and maybe its fate and maybe that was foreshadowing but in the past 12 months I’ve had Bee infestations on 3 Aliso Viejo listings, 1 listing in Anaheim Hills, and a Coto De Caza home.  I even drove through a roaming swarm coming up Grand in Aliso Viejo Monday.   Good luck to all the people walking to lunch on Grand!   It’s gotten so bad that a client and my attorney Alina Sorkin of the Sorkin Law Group called and asked me to go by her house because a neighbor called her at work to warn about a swarm in her backyard.   I know what you’re thinking…..and it’s not just me.  In fact there are few things you should know because it won’t be long before you hear the buzzing yourself.

After my last bee encounter I asked Amiee at Bee Busters in Laguna Hills, “Why all the bees”?   She told me that the short answer to our bee problem actually comes from poor housing market (what a surprise, you can blame everything on that).   A home covered with Bees can mean two things.  The bees may have colonized the property, or they may just be passing through.  Bees are attracted to safe places like vacant homes and properties in which the homeowner can’t afford bee removal, or chooses the cheap solution.

The cheap method is simply killing the bees, and not eradicating the comb, which works if they have no colony established but if they’ve managed to get one going Amie told me leaving the comb in place, even after killing all the bees is like leaving an “Open” sign out at a restaurant.  The next swarm will move in and stay to the death.   The cost of removing a comb depends on the location.  Bee busters charges a flat $350 to remove the site, and $150 to kill the bees but you’re going to have to need a contractor fix the place they entered the property, and that can be expensive.  You’d better hope it’s not a fireplace or something behind bricks.  If you like bees I guess you can leave them but they’ll defend their hive so be careful.  My grandmother was attacked by a swarm of bees and if she had been allergic she would have died for sure.  In addition their stings hurt, I know because I’ve had some experience, recently.  I attached a picture of the REO in Anaheim Hills we just removed.  I was stung taking the photo.  Lucky they weren’t African.  No sign of them yet.

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