Buying Aliso Viejo Real Estate Should Not Be Scarry

by keithwatts on October 23, 2012

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Buying a home can be scary but it doesn’t need to be.  I have found that most of my clients are able
to handle extremely challenging decisions if they are prepared for those decisions.  One of my daughters is scared of the dark, and although most adults aren’t scared with the lights out they do get very uncomfortable when kept uninformed or in the dark about their purchase.

It’s all about turning the lights on.  Take a look at the timeline and philosphy below and you’ll see that buying a home is nothing to be frightened about!

Prices on Aliso Viejo Real Estate

Price is always a primary focus however a buyer still has a loan, home inspections, special adding such as automatic gates and security system around the house, which is the most popular and adds value to the home Also an appraisal, repair requests, contingency removals, seller disclosures, contingency removals, Natural hazard reports, and
preliminary title reports to navigate through.   All of this information must be evaluated, translated, and put into prospective so that a buyer can make the best decisions for their family while still upholding their contractual obligations under the escrow instructions.

Know the Timeline on your Aliso Viejo Real Estate Purchase

The first 17 days may require you to get a home inspection, send a request for repair, review all the necessary disclosures, preliminary title report, and get your loan in place.  It is going to take an expert on selling homes in Aliso Viejo for you to avoid having a stressful escrow.


Watch the following video on how we handle escrow timelines and avoid having a scarry escrow when you buy some Aliso Viejo Real Estate.

To learn more about buying a home in Aliso Viejo and to learn how we can help keep things from getting scary please let us know how we can keep you in the light in your Aliso Viejo Real Estate purchase.

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