Definition Of Terminal Services Agreements

by on September 16, 2021

(a) the Agreement on Marine Terminal Services means a written or oral agreement, contract, agreement, agreement or association (including any amendment or other annex) between a marine terminal operator and a common carrier that applies to maritime terminal services made available to and paid for by a common carrier. These services include: checking, docking, recreation, handling, heavy cargo, loading and unloading, terminal storage, use, dock and dock, and including all Navy terminals that may be provided incidentally to such Navy terminal services. The term Marine Terminal Services Agreement does not include an agreement that confers on the participating carrier any right to operate a naval terminal through a lease, license, authorization, assignment, lease of land or other similar agreement for the use of naval terminals or property. 1. They shall not include tariffs, charges, rules and regulations established by a conference agreement for maritime terminals. `maritime terminal conference agreement` means an agreement between two or more operators of maritime terminals and/or common air carriers in the maritime transport sector for the implementation or facilitation of the operation of maritime terminals, which provides for the establishment and enforcement of uniform tariffs, charges, practices and conditions for the supply of passengers or cargo to all Members; (2) The law does not grant antitrust immunity in respect of terminal services provided to a common carrier under a maritime terminal services agreement which has not been submitted to the Commission. The reorganized debtor intends to continue to provide services under the sublease and terminal service agreement in connection with the Wei Phoenix operations. The processing volume considered a controlled service under the terminal service agreement between CMA CGM and BNCT must be called by BNCT. In the case of specific contracts concluded between the customer and the terminal, the provisions of the terminal service contract replace the general terms and conditions, insofar as this is covered by the terminal service contract.

Terminal Service Agreement “TSA” – In cases where the customer has signed an ASD with DPWM, the TSA terms apply and the terms set out in the T&Cs apply to matters that are not under the TSA`s control. This is a Chapter 11 reorganization plan, which provides that all assets of ERLY and WEI (with the exception of NOL`s, NOL Carryforwards and WEI shares and assets necessary to perform contractual obligations under the sublease and terminal service agreement with Fire-Trol) will be paid to a limited partnership for the benefit of creditors and that ERLY will continue to conduct future transactions. . . .

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