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Aliso Viejo Real Estate Bubble?

by keithwatts December 18, 2014 Buyers

Aliso Viejo Real Estate Bubble?

Is there a Real Estate Bubble in Aliso Viejo?  A Real Estate Bubble is defined as, “Rapid increases in real property value until they reach unsustainable levels”.   We definitely have rapid appreciation.  Home values rose as much as 30% in one year from late 2012 to late 2013.  This trend is …

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Days on market

What is the Average Days On Market in Aliso Viejo

by keithwatts March 27, 2012 How's The Market

Is your Aliso Viejo Real Estate priced to sell?

When we complete a calculation about days on market we do so by analyzing the market time at which homes enter into escrow.  In other words, a home which never gets an offer isn’t used to determine “days on market”.  If your home is overpriced it won’t …

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Day Late and a Dollar Short-Don’t get your Aliso Viejo Real Estate information from the News

by keithwatts December 8, 2011 Buyers

Do you get your Aliso Viejo Real Estate Information from the Newspapers?  Do you watch the evening news to get caught up on home sales and values?   That sounds reasonable if you want yesterday’s information.  Journalism is about reporting the Who, What, When, Where, and why, not the Now, and Tomorrow.   Isn’t the present and …

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