Is this house falling down the hill?

by keithwatts on September 29, 2011

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Great question, especially if you’re interested in buying the house and it’s probably not the right question.  They should be asking, “Is it going to slide down the hill after I buy it?” On many Aliso Viejo Listings, Laguna Niguel Listings, and Laguna Beach Listings the main attraction is the view so I don’t ever discourage buying if you’ve done your homework.  I advise all buyers to employ a professional who specializes in settlement evidence as well as researching all the public records which may have information regarding the area in question.  If one lot on a hill has slide problems it’s not uncommon to see it appear in other places as well.  I’ve heard people say to hire a structural engineer to examine the property however a structure with perfect integrity will still slide down a hillside if the ground underneath it goes.  Have the soil tested, talk with the neighbors, read the seller disclosures, and question every crack in the ground, driveway, and patio.  I advise all sellers to disclose EVERYTHING which may have occurred throughout their time at the home, and anything they were told when the purchased the home.  The seller’s should point out anything a buyer would want to know.   The bottom line is to do your research, hire the correct experts, and after you’ve completed your due diligence, gotten back your encouraging news, enjoy the view!

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