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Buying Aliso Viejo Real Estate Should Not Be Scarry

by keithwatts October 23, 2012 Latest News

Buying a home can be scary but it doesn’t need to be.  I have found that most of my clients are able
to handle extremely challenging decisions if they are prepared for those decisions.  One of my daughters is scared of the dark, and although most adults aren’t scared with the lights out they do get …

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by keithwatts October 3, 2012 Latest News
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Audubon Laguna Vista

Laguna Vista-Audubon Homes in Aliso Viejo

by keithwatts June 7, 2012 Latest News

Three models of Homes in Laguna Vista-Audubon
Laguna Vista is comprised of about 60 homes and two streets.  The streets are Blackbird, and Solitaire.  Because of the neighborhood topogrpahy the homes with odd number addresses have potential views off the backyard and the higher the address number the close it is to the end of the …

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Front of Promenade

Promenade in Aliso Viejo

by keithwatts April 25, 2012 Latest News



Promenade is a beautiful neighborhood located in Aliso Viejo consisting of 3 different models ranging in size from 1,400 square feet to 2,200 square feet.  This neighborhood is very close to the Aliso Viejo Town Center and two different schools.  All 217 homes located in Promenade were built by Shea Homes.   Promenade is comprised of the following streets:

Kara …

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How to buy a good short Sale in Aliso Viejo

by keithwatts March 30, 2012 Latest News

One way to get a good deal on an Aliso Viejo Short Sale is to have an imagination

Most short sales appear tired and worn down by the time they are put on the market.  Struggling homeowners fail to keep up with repair needs and most properties appear tired.   Just because a home is in need of repairs …

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Days on market

What is the Average Days On Market in Aliso Viejo

by keithwatts March 27, 2012 How's The Market

Is your Aliso Viejo Real Estate priced to sell?

When we complete a calculation about days on market we do so by analyzing the market time at which homes enter into escrow.  In other words, a home which never gets an offer isn’t used to determine “days on market”.  If your home is overpriced it won’t …

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Who Pays Closing Costs-Aliso Viejo Real Estate

by keithwatts March 26, 2012 Buyers

Who pays the closing costs?  Buyer or Sellers on an Aliso Viejo Real Estate purchase.

It depends on who owns the home.  If the sale is in any way associated with a bank (short sale, Foreclosure) then it’s likely the seller will not pay for things like termite, home warranty, or HOA Documentation fees but if …

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Lantana Listing

How to get the value of your Aliso Viejo Real Estate

by keithwatts March 24, 2012 How Much Is My Home Worth?

Loking for the value of your Aliso Viejo Home?
It’s not hard to get a free evaluation of your home in Aliso Viejo California.  Simply request a Comparative Market Analysis directly from us on this site and we’ll be sure to send one directly to you.  Please also inquire with us about the methods we use …

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Foreclosure page

The latest in the Foreclosure settlement-Will it impact Real Estate in Aliso Viejo?

by keithwatts March 19, 2012 Banked Owned Homes

Aliso Viejo Real Estate-The latest in the Foreclosure settlement is going to impact home sales everywhere soon.  We currently have very low inventory (Fewest homes for sale since 2005) but that is going to change as more and more foreclosures hit the Aliso Viejo Real Estate Market.

Aliso Viejo Real Estate-The latest in the Foreclosure settlement …

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401k Savings photo

Do you have a 401k? Invest in Aliso Viejo Real Estate

by keithwatts March 10, 2012 Buyers

You could talk with 100 financial advisors in Aliso Viejo and almost all of them would agree buying low, and having a balanced portfolio.  Buying low is critical because investments are cyclical.  The housing market may be low, bonds may be high, if the stock market is down then the price of gold may be up.  Having all your …

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