Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Training Vouchers

by on September 27, 2021

If you are not yet familiar with software assurance training services, perform all of the following steps. If you are already active in the training voucher program, start with step 4 (4) below. You can start by activating your SATVs on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services (MVLS) site: How to use your SATVs to acquire training from New Horizons: Update: Microsoft has made some adjustments to the original DPS Benefits Voucher timeline. Cloud vouchers should be awarded before February 1, 2020 and executed within six months of activation. To determine how many vouchers you need, first determine: once you have completed training, you need to redeem the voucher. Follow the instructions in step 7 of the workflow to ensure that all requirements are met for you to request payment. According to Microsoft, no training vouchers will be awarded to new contracts and existing contracts will not receive additional training vouchers. Each Microsoft technical course at New Horizons follows Microsoft`s official curriculum and is taught by Microsoft Certified Instructors to ensure you get the best possible training experience. I have a unique role in which I maintain relationships with Microsoft Solutions Specialists. I am the guide to the benefits of the MPSA and EA programs and help manage licensing portals as well as other tasks related to licensing agreements. As a combined team, we are sure to support our customers` needs based on their licenses and contract management. I`ve been Microsoft`s concierge for almost two years for two sites here at Connection.

We regularly see changes and updates from Microsoft on different products. Recently, Microsoft told us that training vouchers, release planning days, and 24×7 support as we know them will be suspended. After the order has been placed with the channel partner and processed by Microsoft, a list of review checks is emailed to the online indications and contacts listed in your volume license agreement/enrollment and mentioned in the order. Until January 31, 2020, you can redeem your training vouchers for the training of any product category. As of February 1, 2020, all training on Azure will no longer be supported by current training centers that accept vouchers. All Azure training is delivered to Microsoft`s Azure learning site. Expand your business by enrolling in software assurance partner programs. Microsoft compensates partners for providing training, planning, and other services to enterprise customers who have software assurance.

Your software assurance administrator assigns training checks to the Microsoft Volume License Services Center (VLSC) site. Once your company meets the authorization requirements and your program participants have successfully completed the compliance training course, you can sign the Software Assurance Formation Voucher program agreement and register. Check all SATV program policies, and then follow the instructions in step 2 of the workflow to complete the SATV recording process in the Partner Center….

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