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What is an REO?

by May 31, 2011 Banked Owned Homes

The term comes from Real Estate Owned by banks.  An REO is simply a bank owned property.  Bank take backs vary from state to state depending on whether or not the region requires a “Judicial” or “Non-Judicial” foreclosure but in California the process occurs in the following ways:

Step 1-Payments are not made.

There are countless reasons why payments …

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Get A Home Value Report

by March 4, 2011 Real Estate in Aliso Viejo Area-How Much Is My Home Worth?

Are you looking to sell now or in the near future? If so, the first and most important factor to get a grasp of before deciding to put your home on the market is, ‘what will you net from a sale today?’

Where to get a general home value idea…

You can visit a site like Zillow in …

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