Short Sales

Over the last 4 years we have seen a steady decline in home values.  Due to this depreciation many homeowners are faced with sale prices which are smaller than their loan amounts thus creating a short sale.  Most banks will review a homeowner’s hardship, evaluate the property, and approve these shortages.   Although there may be a derogative reporting to the credit bureau the short sale is better than the Foreclosure in many ways: You can qualify for a home within 2-3 years You get to choose the new owners You avoid the Foreclosure You may get money to help with moving expenses

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Do I qualify for a Short Sale?

by keithwatts October 16, 2012 Short Sales

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Aliso Viejo Foreclosure-Who is giving this advice?

by keithwatts March 9, 2012 Latest News

When Aliso Viejo Real Estate Real Estate turned south a few years back the term “Short Sale” was a new concept to people who were not real estate professionals. Now, five years later it’s rare to come across a buyer or seller who is not familiar with the term. I think it’s safe …

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