Tesla Extended Service Agreement Cost

by on October 10, 2021

Based on the above, I would have had 2 or 3 of the 10 issues that would have been covered by the extended warranty. One of them was purely cosmetic (charging loops). The other two were not. A new CMU costs $600, so there`s no point in paying $4,000 US to cover the warranty, let alone that it`s not certain that the CMU is covered. The wrong spherical joint is really the only thing that would have been covered by a significant value, and I find it hard to believe that it would cost more than $4,000 US plus the deductible of 200 $US. R: No. Whether you`re funding your Tesla Model S or Model X or paying in cash, the Advanced Service Contract is a separate purchase and cannot be added to the cost of the car. My overall transaction price would have gone up by $2000, and I could have kept my old car for a few years with a full repair warranty at no extra cost. First, it`s good to understand how Tesla describes its extended warranty program. According to Tesla, I rarely hear about a Model S that needs big repairs, which I hope is proof of the vehicle`s durability, or it could mean tesla covers it on its own through more discreet service bulletins. I started a discussion/survey on TMC to see how many owners had to pay for their service. People at my local tesla service center assured me that if I sold or traded the car in less than four years, I would be reimbursed prorated for the unused portion of the warranty.

Tesla is a young company, and most of its models on the street are also young. Thus, aftermarket warranty companies may not necessarily provide the coverage you would get for a consumer brand`s vehicle. They should go to third-party warranty companies to see if they cover Tesla models. Some of these suppliers do not cover certain luxury and performance vehicles. However, one of the best extended warranty companies, CarShield, covers all Tesla models. Do I need to bring my vehicle to a Tesla Service Center? We advise you to transport your vehicle to a Tesla service center for all service requirements. If you take your vehicle to a non-Tesla store for maintenance or repair work, please note that if something goes wrong, it may affect your warranty coverage. No, I have not read in detail the entire nine-page contract.

Instead, I relied on what the tesla agents had told me. As far as I can recall, they did not say that the refund had been reduced by the amount of duty paid. Tesla currently offers its Extended Service Agreement (ESA) only for Model S and Model X. It`s not available for the Model 3 and Tesla has yet to announce the availability of this extended warranty for the upcoming Model Y and the controversial cybertruck. Q: Can I purchase a Tesla Extended Warranty if I purchase my Tesla from a private seller? An important point that you should keep in mind when thinking about ESA is that your Tesla has been covered for 8 years and miles away on the main battery and engine (the main engines). An extended warranty for these items does not matter. Extended third-party warranties, especially plans from serious companies for advanced car warranties, may be a better option for Tesla owners. While these plans are more general than a manufacturer`s warranty, they offer much more flexibility without compromising your security. Here are some benefits of choosing a third party: For Model X vehicles, the two-year Tesla warranty costs $US 2,400 if you buy it within 180 days, and $2,900 after 180 days…

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