The Prayer Of Agreement Sermon

by on October 11, 2021

I just want one thing to send me a prayer partner and we get over the enemy. You do not achieve this kind of success in your prayer life with the Lord if you have not established a very good intimate, intimate relationship with Him. God the Father jealously guards and watches over these people, and woe bet on anyone who tries to rub shoulders with one of them for their personal gain or profit. It is hard to imagine the darkness that is not restrained if we do not pray, or the good that will not come because we have not prayed. The list below is not a complete list of prayers. We have only scratched on the surface what can and should be prayed for If God the Father deems you trustworthy enough to connect with one or more of these people, not only will a very special friend of God have been given to you, but a very powerful prayer partner and ally will also have been given to you, that could help make a difference, that you end up having that biggest miracle you need somewhere on the street. This sermon on prayer covers a lot of ground. We deal with praise and worship, prayer of faith and convention, binding and losing, and much more. In other words, two people must be in perfect harmony with regard to the specific prayer request they want to ask the Lord. This means that now two people are approaching God`s throne and praying for exactly the same thing. 3. Now I`ll leave you a little secret. This little secret is for all pastors and for all those who want to learn how to become a powerful prayer warrior on their way with the Lord.

God the Father will not let any of these particularly anointed prayer warriors confuse or manipulate. These people are in sacred ground with the Lord because of the very close personal relationships they have established with Him. You don`t need to call 25 other people to pray with you. If you ask for God`s help to better organize your days or ask for His help in solving a small problem at work, you don`t need to call other prayer warriors to help you in smaller, smaller affairs like this. . . .

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