What Is The Importance Of Collective Bargaining Agreement

by on October 15, 2021

During contract negotiations, the union and management present each other`s demands, compromise their differences and agree on the conditions under which workers must be employed for the duration of the contract. The coverage of collective bargaining is very uneven; In some sectors, almost all employees agree, while in others, only a small proportion of employees of companies are covered by the agreement. Answer: Collective bargaining should be voluntary, free and in good faith. The parties are free to participate in the negotiations and the authorities should not interfere in their decisions. The principle of good faith implies that the parties make every effort to reach an agreement, conduct genuine and constructive negotiations, avoid undue delays in negotiations, comply with agreements reached and implemented in good faith and allow sufficient time to discuss and resolve collective disputes. In the case of multinational enterprises, such enterprises should not threaten to relocate all or part of an operational unit from the country concerned in order to unfairly influence the negotiations. (iv) a number of agreements provide for joint consultation in various forms; and feasible and effective. The goal of the system is always to reach a collaborative agreement, but sometimes tensions arise. As a result, one or both parties may feel that they have no choice but to make the other party give up. Workers could do this by going on strike, which affects operations and lubricates profits. Companies could do this by conducting lockouts that prevent members of the workforce from doing their jobs and getting paid, negatively affecting income and overall quality of life. Despite this controversy, collective bargaining was first introduced in India in 1952 and gradually gained promence in the following years. However, information on the increase in the collective bargaining process is very poor and the progress made in this regard has not been very visible, although not negligible.

Data published by the Employment Office show that the practice of determining rates of pay and conditions of employment has spread to most major segments of the economy. If the government has committed to supporting the principle of collective bargaining, why has there not been an attempt to promote it through legislation? Indeed, the Trade Unions (Amendment) Act, adopted in 1947, did not provide for the compulsory recognition of representative trade unions by employers, but this law was never notified and therefore never entered into force. Answer: Collective bargaining is a voluntary process that must be conducted freely and in good faith. It may cover all conditions of work and employment and regulate relations between employers and employees and between employers` and workers` organizations. It is up to the negotiating parties to decide what is covered by their negotiations. .

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