When there is nothing for the Housekeeper to clean, have them run in place.

by keithwatts on June 22, 2011

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Why not?  You’re paying the maid regardless of whether or not the property needs cleaning.    This is my theory about open houses.  I’ve never sold a home at an open house.  I’ve spoken to countless Realtors who built their entire business on sitting open houses and only a handful have actually sold the home they were sitting.  According to StuffedAbode, the main reason agents sit open houses is to find new buyers they can convert into customers.  Is that a big surprise?  Did I just reveal a trade secret?  I don’t think I did, in fact I think almost all sellers know this as well.

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I think sellers want open house for a different set of reasons.   I think that it sends a message to the neighborhood, the city, to the other Realtors, and to the buyers that, “The house is available to show and sell.”  My philosophy is that if the homeowners are willing to pick up their family, clean the home and leave for 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday I should help them hold the house open.  I don’t care if it’s “running in place”.  Agents get paid a lot of money, and most of that money is really made on the weekends so if we expected to have the weekends off, or avoid open houses….tough luck!  I even hold my Bank Owned Listings open in order to show the banks that I’m willing to go the extra mile.  There is not one of my Aliso Viejo Listings which I haven’t held open this year.  Unfortunately I haven’t sold any but sometimes we are expected to run in place, it’s just good housekeeping. I will still make sure my clients hire a good brand in the Condo Cleaning Services industry.

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