Agreement And Government As Two Main Types Of Syntactic Relations

by on April 7, 2021

The situations described in a sentence can be of two types: elementary and non-elementary. Segmentation is also linked to the closeness and expressiveness of language: Centurion [Stop]. Stop it! The captain`s orders. The captain is on his way. They behave themselves. No singing. Look with respect. Take a serious look. (Show, Androcles and the Lion) The example above shows that a segment is a very important element of oral syntax, as it can draw the attention of the spokesperson and listener to the par of syntactic construction. The distribution and importance of these four types vary by language and depend on the type of language.

In languages bent to sophisticated morphology, unity and government play the most important role. Contamination is not common and is only observed in the predicatary system. In this syntactic process, two syntactic units (spouse or assistant) merge into one. Contamination produces what is called a double or contaminated predicate: it has come out of the pose – it is out. She was embarrassed. However, the traditional conception of coordination as a kind of syntactic relationship that involves equal components and reciprocal independence, which has led to their variation in position, has been modified, as there are cases where components in syntactic coordination cannot change places. Thus, modern syntactic theory distinguishes between symmetrical coordinate structures (boys and girls and boys) whose elements can change each other and asymmetrical constructs (bread and butter – butter and bread) where the elements have strict positions towards each other. Fixed positions in syntactic coordinate structures can be created for several reasons. For example, in two or three sets of coordinates set of the starting position is usually taken by the element with less syllables: ladies and gentlemen, bed and breakfast, beauty and animal, begging or lending, bag and luggage, begging, lend and scrounge, bacon and eggs, Bane and antidote, Oxford and Cambridge, bees and honey , beans and balls, use and knowledge. In the body of binary combinations, however, one can find opposite examples, although they are less numerous: beauty and truth, chicken and egg coffee and (N), collar and tie, collar and manottes, age and youth of crab, fine or Mend, dribs and drabs, doublet and hose, Down and Dale, December and May, Debit and credit. In addition, the requirements of maintaining a particular order in the listing or certain ethical considerations may lead to violating the rule: my father and I, my boss and I, Jim, Tom, Roberta and me.

Coordinating structures can also be interpreted as such, the components of which are similarly correlated with a third element outside the coordinate group. For example, I was shocked, but I did not show my embarrassment, the verbs were shocked and did not show the coordination relationship to maintain, as they are both correlated to the word I outside the coordinate structure. Similarly, in the father and his friends had dinner in the evening, the noun father, his friends do not form a coordinating group, because they are bound by the conjunction of coordination and because they had shown a similar correlation, parallel with the predicate of the sentence. The means of connection used with syntactic coordination reports can be four types: prepositions, word bending function and word order. Adjoining (also called parataxis) is a form of subordination that has no soft or prepositional marking. This means combining components without altering the grammatical form: He gave the letter in silence. She quickly glanced. They joyfully shook hands.

In the above examples, the noun head and adverbs are at once silent, fast, joyful, bound to given verbs, cast, shaken by joints or parataxis. The relationships between verbs and nomadic groups, on the one hand, and the verb with adverbs, on the other, are not explicit. These relationships are based on the valescences of this combinator.

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