How to buy a good short Sale in Aliso Viejo

by keithwatts on March 30, 2012

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One way to get a good deal on an Aliso Viejo Short Sale is to have an imagination

Most short sales appear tired and worn down by the time they are put on the market.  Struggling homeowners fail to keep up with repair needs and most properties appear tired.   Just because a home is in need of repairs or upgrades doesn’t mean it’s going to cost a fortune.

Finished carpentry can be very inexpensive and may add instant value to a home.  Painting, flooring,  kitchen, and bathroom remodels may be expensive however when done right they may add more value to a home than the cost of the improvements themselves.

I’m amazed how often young couples will pass on a home priced well below the market because they are scared of some needed upgrades.  Keep in mind that some upgrades add value to a home where others just fix the home.   When I’m looking for a good  buy there are a few items I need in place before moving forward.

Windows in Aliso Viejo

If I’m buying an older home I’m looking at the windows.  Many homes in Aliso Viejo have old windows.   My friend just got the windows in a 1,600 square foot home replaced and it cost him near $10,000.  If an older homes has new windows every upgrade will look better however many home shoppers fail to look at a home’s sliding glass doors, or windows.  New windows can also save you a ton of money durring winter and summer months when electric bills spike.

Plumbing on the Aliso Viejo Real Estate

Does the home have copper plumbing?  If the pipes are older they may have to be repaired or replaced.  No one asks about the plumbing but it is also a very expensive repair and something you’ll notice whenever using the water.

Aliso Viejo Home’s Landscape

Does the yard have a sprinkler system.  If you live in Southern California the condition of the lawn doesn’t matter.  All you need to fix a lawn is some time, and a sprinkler system.  Installing one not the most expensive item but it is one people take for granted.  Check out the sprinkler system.

I also take a look at the patio hardscape and front driveway.  Cracks and damaged concrete look bad and cost a bit to fix.  It’s just another items people look past which I don’t want to deal with.

Check the Roof-Not all Aliso Viejo Real Estate has good roofs

This goes without saying.  $12,000 for a new roof and all roofs have a lifespan.  Find out how old the roof is and budget for a new one when that life runs out.  Of course it’s different depending on the part of the county in which you live.

Fences-Builders in Aliso Viejo cut corners

Fences are often falling down, rotting, or missing entire sections.  Take a look at the fences and see what kind of repairs may be needed.


Recessed Lighting on Aliso Viejo Homes

Recessed lighting is a must in may homes.  High ceilings and open spaces make table lamps insufficient.  See if the homeowner installed any lighting.   This is not an expensive repair however it may go unoticed until you go for the lightswitch.

Add them up.  You may buy a home with a beautiful kitchen, remodeled floors and bathrooms, and still need to do $50,000 worth of repairs on your remodeled home.

For more information about buying an Aliso Viejo Real Estate Short Sale click here and learn how to buy an Aliso Viejo Real Estate Short Sale

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