Russia And Mali Sign Military Cooperation Agreement

by on April 11, 2021

In addition, it was decided to improve the legal framework in order to strengthen mutual commitment to further improvement in defence and defence cooperation. As West African countries are increasingly concerned about the regional instability of Mali`s coup, Russia has tried to position itself as a partner in the fight against the insurgency for countries in the region. In an interview with Sputnik on 9 September, Côte d`Ivoire`s ambassador to Russia, Roger Gnango, called for enhanced military cooperation with Russia due to the instability caused by the coup in Mali. While it is unlikely that Russia will send private military suppliers (PMCs) to the Sahel, it could take advantage of the instability created by the Malian coup to sell arms and increase the strategic depth of its military cooperation agreements with Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. Part of Russia`s engagement in Africa is military. The Russian military and Russian private military contractors linked to the Kremlin have expanded their global military presence in Africa to aspire to rights in half a dozen countries and by concluding military cooperation agreements with 28 African governments, according to an analysis by the Institute for the Study of War. U.S. officials estimate that about 400 Russian mercenaries working in the Central African Republic (CAR). , and Moscow has recently provided military equipment to support counter-insurgency operations in northern Mozambique. Russia is the largest arms exporter to Africa and accounts for 39 percent of arms transfers to the region in 2013-17.

MOSCOW (IDN) – As Russia and Mali prepare for the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations next year, Moscow has reaffirmed its full willingness to strengthen economic cooperation and support political stability in Mali and other African countries threatened or in conflict. It is therefore not surprising that the Russian ambassador to Mali, Igor Gromyko, was one of the first officials received by the junta. Local media reports indicate that the military leaders of the coup have just trained in Russia for a year. While this type of activity is not exceptional, with countries such as the United States, which form armies of more than 20 African countries and shape their military leaders, it shows that Russia believes its security presence in Africa is necessary. The coup is a blow to French diplomacy, as bets have invested heavily in Mali`s security through a close alliance with former Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

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