Samantha Cannon

by keithwatts on October 10, 2017

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What makes someone move from a town of 300 people in Poyner Texas to Aliso Viejo California?  “The Beach” is how Samantha responds to that question 100% of the time.  Although she has more than a vew other reasons for coming to California she seems happiest about the sand and surf.  Growing up in a small town didn’t slow her Real Estate experience or prevent her from becoming an expert in a few of our busiest market segments.  Starting over 5 years ago in the Mortgage Business Samantha worked on Loan Origination and extensively in the mortgage default industry.  Her experenice on the legal side of curative remedies, and mortgage foreclosure has made her an asset to our team.  Because the foreclosure marketplace is only growing we expect Samantha to pay a major role in our future.   Although Samantha will always be our in house default expert, she has grown her skills to include her work as a residential specialist.  Whether you’re a buyer or selling your house Sam has the skill to assist you in getting the most.  Currently Samantha splits up her time with work and her 10 year old daughter. Her positive attitude is refreshing, maybe it’s a Texas thing but whatever it is, we could use more of it.

License #02043749

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