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by on April 12, 2021

The Trade Agency Act provides compensation for agents who contract without compensation only if the agency contract is registered with the Federal Ministry of Economy and Trade (MOEC). Many U.A. trade agents will insist on a registered agreement to benefit from the protection of the trade agency law. Regardless of the registration of the agency agreement and, therefore, subject to the protection of the trade agency law, foreign authorities should take into account the fact that the code of commerce may also infringe the relative rights and obligations of the parties, as noted above. In summary, foreign parties should carefully consider the application of the Trade Agency and the Code of Commerce when entering into an agreement to involve a portion of the U.A.E. in the implementation of any type of marketing, sales or other commercial activities in the U.S., in accordance with the Federal Purchasing Conditions Act. , tenders and contracts (and, subject to certain exceptions, only U.A. nationals, foreign companies represented by a U.S. agent. A.E., or foreign companies with partners in the U.A.E. (i.e., a U.A.E. agency with at least 51% U.A.E.

ownership (“national bodies”) for public procurement for the supply of public goods and works subject to the Public Procurement Act. As a result, foreign companies wishing to conduct public procurement should normally have some national participation from the E.U.A. This participation usually takes the form of a (i) registered trade agency; (ii) a “service provider” of the foreign company`s branch in the U.A.; or (iii) majority owner of a joint venture in which the foreign company owns 49% or less of a limited liability company (i.e. a national entity). The three main exceptions to the application of the Public Tenders Act are: In accordance with the provisions of the UAE Agency Law, commercial agency agencies must comply with the following requirements regarding their nature and the nature of the agreement: in the event of a dispute arising from an agreement on commercial agencies under the Uae Agency Law , the parties must first turn to the Trade Committee. , established by Decree No. 3 of 2011, which applies to the United Arab Emirates. The main task of the commission is to check all disputes that are involved with all commercial agencies registered with the EMB. As soon as the committee decides on a decision, the parties are free to appeal to the competent courts. The Committee was created with the prospect of creating a specially created judicial authority to deal with disputes arising from agency law, given the spread of such agreements in the United Arab Emirates. The Trial Court referred the cases to a panel of experts.

The new panel (such as the previous body) concluded that the original agent was in breach of the agreements and had caused considerable damage to the contractors. The three experts indicated that the offences had been brought to the attention of the original officer without success. As a result, they were not entitled to compensation. The Trial Court dismissed all three appeals and the original agent appealed to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal upheld the court`s decision. The original officer went back to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court dismissed his appeal. In two recent cases, The 811 case of the Federal Court of Justice in 2017 and the 2017 Bundesgerichtshof case 814, both dated March 27, 2018, the agent`s performance was poor and it was clear that he had breached an agreement on trade agencies. He was then dismissed and the commercial agency removed the register of the Ministry of Economy. The Bundesgerichtshof found that the agent was unable to demonstrate that the termination was unjustified and was not entitled to compensation from the client.

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