Strategic Corporate Negotiations A Framework For Win-Win Agreements

by on April 12, 2021

Chances are you`ll find a solution that gives all parties the feeling of winning by choosing the aptly named “win-win” approach to negotiating. Try to agree on a number of objective criteria that provide a framework for your discussion. This could include measures such as legal standards, market value, vision or contractual terms. The agreement on standards shows common values and a commitment to reach an agreement. In this article, we examine the importance of win-win negotiations and examine how you can apply the concept of “principle negotiation” to build mutual respect and understanding while achieving the results you both want. “This book presents a case study by Chrysler, Fiat and the government; but offers much more. The author, who focuses on the automotive industry, stresses the importance of context. The days of the zero-sum mentality are over. This is the important message Caputo sends in his brilliant book: we can all be winners.

A must for all entrepreneurs, business negotiators, policy makers, bankers and lawyers. (Léo-Paul Dana, Professor, Montpellier Business School, France and Marie Curie Fellow, Princeton University, USA) Based on the concept of win-win agreements, this book analyzes how they represent a significant challenge for entrepreneurs, managers and consultants involved in complex negotiations between companies. With an overview and discussion of existing literature, the author develops a theoretical framework for the analysis of enterprise bargaining and shows how this can be implemented in real-life situations. This book presents an empirical case study of the automotive industry and analyzes negotiations between Fiat Chrysler in 2009 and proposes practical strategies for the parties to the business negotiation. This book, which shows how win-win agreements can improve competitive advantage, will be invaluable to practitioners and scientists. “Basically the Basis for Negotiation” is a win-win strategy developed by Roger Fisher and William Ury, which can help you negotiate a deal in a civil way. The technique consists of five steps or principles: you can avoid it by using a form of win-win negotiation called “negotiation in principle.” A win-win negotiation is a careful investigation of both your own position and that of your opponent, in order to find an acceptable result for both parties that will offer you as much of what you want as of your opponent. If you`re both happy to leave with what you`ve earned from the deal, then this is a win-win situation! “With regard to the strategy and behaviour of human negotiations, the author shows his wisdom in developing a new methodology and a practical framework for application in the automotive industry.

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