Short Selling in Aliso Viejo

Audubon Laguna Vista

Laguna Vista-Audubon Homes in Aliso Viejo

by keithwatts June 7, 2012 Latest News

Three models of Homes in Laguna Vista-Audubon
Laguna Vista is comprised of about 60 homes and two streets.  The streets are Blackbird, and Solitaire.  Because of the neighborhood topogrpahy the homes with odd number addresses have potential views off the backyard and the higher the address number the close it is to the end of the …

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Aliso Viejo Foreclosure-Who is giving this advice?

by keithwatts March 9, 2012 Latest News

When Aliso Viejo Real Estate Real Estate turned south a few years back the term “Short Sale” was a new concept to people who were not real estate professionals. Now, five years later it’s rare to come across a buyer or seller who is not familiar with the term. I think it’s safe …

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Thumbnail image for Can I qualify for a mortage on a home in Aliso Viejo?

Can I qualify for a mortage on a home in Aliso Viejo?

by keithwatts June 17, 2011 Buyers

Most shopping in Aliso Viejo can qualify for more than they shoul borrow.

I’m amazed at how aggressive people are when it comes to buying a home, especially in the midst of our foreclosure storm.  On every Aliso Viejo Real Estate Listing I service I always require potential buyers to submit a pre-approval letter from their …

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