Uship User Agreement

by on April 13, 2021

In addition, uShip can calculate interest of 1.5% per month or a fraction of that amount on an unpaid account balance that you manage. All partial payments to users` account balances are first applied to the latest uShip fees. If, at any given time, after 30 days, we cannot collect any fees due to us, we may suspend or terminate your account or take, at our sole discretion, additional steps necessary to recover the outstanding balance. uShip reserves the right to waive or change any tax, penalty or interest at any time. uShip also reserves the right to avoid changing your transaction currency until you have paid all outstanding balances. They also agree to cover all the pickup costs we incur for an unpaid balance. They also agree and allow us, at our sole discretion, to submit appropriate reports to credit incubators, credit agencies, financial institutions, tax authorities and law enforcement agencies, and to cooperate with them in the investigations or prosecutions that result. If you are registered with Pay on Terms, uShip reserves the right to apply the outstanding balance fee in accordance with the refund schedule described in the “Pay on Terms User Agreement” addendum. 31. Corrective measures. If you use our services in violation of this Agreement, we are entitled to attack you as a user and/or take action against your uShip account, which may include the immediate removal from your list of mailings, offers, offers and/or profiles, which informs our users of your actions, issues a warning, temporarily suspends your user status, terminates your user status and/or refuses to provide you with our services.

6. Transportation services. You must be able to transport the shipments you are working with through uShip. You agree that it is your sole obligation to comply with all applicable laws, rules, statutes and regulations, including all local, government and federal licensing requirements. TSPs accept that, through the various products and functions of uShip, they are solely responsible for all aspects of the services, prices and terms they offer to the sender. Prices, services and conditions are provided exclusively by TSPs and not by uShip. uShip does not verify or comply with the conditions set out by the TSP, which are available on the public profile of the TSP. These TSP conditions must not directly violate uShip`s user agreement.

You understand and confirm that all shipping information is provided by other registered users and that uShip has no control or responsibility for the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for reading all the details of the shipment and, by booking shipments on uShip, you enter into a legally binding agreement on the services required by the sender. To preserve the integrity of the feedback system, feedback left to a user is an integral part of that user`s profile. Comments cannot be processed at a later date. Users must resolve any misunderstandings before leaving comments, as most misunderstandings can and will be quickly corrected by direct communication. There may be cases where you are dissatisfied with returns, with which you disagree, or if you regret leaving it for another user or leaving it. If you have a disagreement about the remaining feedback, you have the following options to answer: 42.

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